Dog foul is a health hazard, ruins the environment for everyone and can become a serious obstacle when trying to become tidy towns winners. At a seaside tourist resort where kids, locals and tourists socialize and relax, dog fouling is one menace that needs to be eradicated. The only way to achieve this goal is through pet owner responsibility and education. The local business communities in Tramore County Waterford are creating positive environmental news story by launching a new initiative that will also move them toward a position in becoming tidy towns winners in 2015.

A number of dedicated people in the community have come together to work on a solution and service that is going to generate a positive image for the town. The wheels are in motion towards a cleaner and safer environment with the new BELLOO dog waste bag dispenser solution by Glanco

In association with Tramore Town Council, Tidy towns winners committee and sponsored by local businesses including the Vee Bistro, Majestic Hotel, FLI, Dooly’s, Summerville Centre and Waterford County Council, a new service that provides disposable dog fouling bags at regular walking routes throughout Tramore will help irradiate and educate dog owners. This service has been introduced across several local authorities in Ireland with positive results. The dispensers in Tramore are located on the Promenade, Back Strand, Riverstown, Doneraile, Cliff Road, Racecourse Roundabout, Golf Course Roundabout and Tankfield.

Glanco have reported in their environmental news blog, “the aim is to ensure that people who walk their pets in Tramore and other scenic locations will use and promote this new service in a responsible way and spread the word about this new initiative towards a cleaner and safer environment.” One such positive story and result of introducing the dog waste bag dispenser solution across Kilkenny local authority was the awarding of the regional Tidy Towns Winners award in 2013.

Speaking at the service launch, Mayor of Tramore Maxine Keoghan and Anne Cheasty of the Tidy towns winners committee said “many people fail to realise that they could face an on-the-spot fine of €150 or even a fine of €3,000 if they end up in court, so it’s important for dog owners to act responsible and to dispose of their pet’s waste in a safe and clean manner. These dog waste bag dispenser units generate a positive environmental news story and will make life a lot easier for everyone concerned by helping us to maintain a cleaner and tidier town.”

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