Eco Compaction for
Beverage Containers

Plastic Bottle and Can Recycling. An efficient
lifecycle for a beverage container

Our non – deposit reverse vending plastic bottle recycling and drinks can recycling concept promotes a social and commercial opportunity for communities who recycle. Reverse vending by Glanco, “giving back to our community”.

Two options for plastic bottle recycling and beverage can recycling include initiatives like social and commercial partnership across local communities. Non Deposit Reverse Vending by Glanco.

Plastic Bottle and Can Recycling Products

Our can and PET bottle recovery products will help promote a cleaner environment and sustainable future for service users. Through screw compaction and liquid separation we ensure best value on materials collected.

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The tower recycling system will be integrated into areas where vending machines are in operation. Barcode software identifies specific items accepted by tower recovery systems.

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Our XL machines are designed for high volume beverage container recovery. The compact design allows it to be located outdoors in such areas as railway stations, airports, universities or shopping malls. Machines are individually branded for customised marketing and advertising.

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