Clean Street Solutions

The Litter and Dog Waste Disposal Concept

Belloo Ireland provide dog fouling and litter bin solutions to alleviate the problem of dog fouling and litter on our paths and green areas. We aim to educate and motivate communities to rethink their habits when walking and enjoying public space.

“Simply Clean” in that we aim to achieve cleaner public places with our custom designed bins and to avoid the unsightly mess and dangers of stepping into dog poop.

Solutions for the menace of dog poop on our streets, parks and public places.

Clean and Clever litter bins solutions for a cleaner community.

Clean Street Products


Our dog waste bag dispenser and bin unit is unique in its appearance, its function and handling. Extracting the dog waste bags is easy and economical. The belloo dog waste bag dispenser bin is mountable anywhere. It is available in different colours. Whether in a classic green, a fresh blue, a cheeky red or elegant anthracite, we are sure to be able to offer you a suitable dog waste bag dispenser for your municipality/town.

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Bag Dispenser Belloo-Luca

Our belloo-luca is a compact dog waste bag dispenser that is primarily designed for locations where enough litter bins have already been installed. Especially in urban areas the belloo-luca is very popular. The dog waste bag dispenser can easily be installed everywhere. It is available in different colours. So, it is up to you if you wish your dog waste bag dispenser to appear in strong blue, elegant anthracite or rather in a classic green. Perhaps you also like your bag dispenser made of exclusive stainless steel. Thanks to our carefully selected range of colours we are sure that you will find the adequate belloo-luca for your municipality / town..

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Bag Dispenser Belloo-Combi-Sevi

Our second dog waste bag dispenser and bin unit provides an alternative method of extracting dog waste bags from the side of the unit for a discrete aesthetic. Extracting the dog waste bags is as easy as ever and the units may be mounted almost anywhere. A wide range of colours and finishing options are available to local authorities for their area.

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Belloo Biodegradable Dispencer Bags

Our Dog foul dispenser bags come in biodegradable form “I am Green”, while holding a total of 2500 bags per box. The ideal dog waste bag solution for a tidy town.

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Belloo Dispencer Bags

Our Standard box of Dog foul bags which stock our dog waste bag dispenser will hold a total of 2500 bags per box.

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Poco Belloo Pouches

Our Poco Pouches are also available with a pack of bags pre-installed to make the process of cleaning up after your pet a breeze.

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Contuu Sevi 60 Litre Waste Bin

The litter bin contuu-sevi perfectly combines functionality with aesthetics. It convinces through its easy use as well as its elegant appearance. Contuu-sevi is the result of an intensive development coordinated with our customers’ needs.

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Contuu Cigarette Waste Bin

The contuu-ashtray is elegant and functional at the same time. The inner bin has a huge capacity and can be emptied easily. The contuu-sevi-cig provides cleanliness and, at the same time, it is a tasteful accessory that blends easily with any surrounding.

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