Cardboard and Plastic
Waste Recycling

Turning your Waste into a Commodity

Cardboard and plastic recycling reduces waste entering your general waste stream. The cardboard and plastic diversion from landfill will reduce collection levels of bins and therefore reduce your carbon footprint.

Cardboard and plastic recycling separation is not only a legal requirement but also a sound business practice. Glanco tailored recycling equipment guarantees best value on investment and rebate value to clients for baled recycables collected.

Earn a monthly revenue stream through the sale of your baled cardboard commodity by using GLANCO. Cardboard values should be calculated through monthly market indices.

Why Bale your recyclables?

  1. Sound environmental practice
  2. Reduce your waste disposal collections
  3. Sell your recycled product on the open market
  4. Create space in you business / commercial premises

Cardboard and Plastic

Our Compac 100 Baler is characterised by small size (the size of the base surface is just 720x820mm) and power supply of 230 V. The indicator of full load of which is equipped ensures the operator to work safely and promptly detect when the press is full: in this situation the pressure head remains at the bottom and prevents overload of the room. The binding process is also simplified thanks to the accessibility of the strapping from the main door.

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Our Compac 500 Baler is the ideal solution for retail stores or small / medium businesses that need a compact press and high capacity. Equipped with cross cylinders, this machine offers superior press force, while preserving very low overall height. The wide mouth of the load makes it easier to use for the operator.

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Our Compac 200 Baler is equipped with cross cylinders, which guarantee a stable compression, a force of pressure the upper and the very small total height.
Thanks to the long stroke of the cylinder is possible to obtain a bale of high weight. This baler is designed for easy maintenance; is an example of the position of the hydraulic unit under the control panel next to the machine.

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Our mini pack baler is ideally suited for businesses with reduced or limited storage space for water handling equipment. The machine is cleverly designed on castors so machine is easily moved when necessary. (Also see spec on PDF).

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