Eco Compaction for
Mixed Waste

90% Waste Volume Reduction
& Time Management

Change the way you manage your restaurant. If you are passionate about your customer’s experience, restaurant waste management and demand the best service offering, Glanco compaction is for you.

Eco Compaction Products

SL 500

SUPERLIZZY is a compact and efficient restaurant waste management tool that can be located outdoors or indoors such as restaurant lounges or working places.

SUPERLIZZY can be built into existing restaurant furnishings or can be an important communication means or distinctive furniture element thanks to the livery and the easy customisation.
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SL 500 Bag

The super bag eco compactor is perfect for restaurant waste management. It is suited for businesses that generate large volumes of black bagged waste stored at bin collection points. The super bag reduces waste volume by 90% and separates all waste liquid. Reducing weight and volume reduces disposal costs and CO2 emissions.
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The SL 500 (RFID) is a compact and efficient restaurant waste management tool. It allows for the tracking and secure use of waste bin. This technology can track service users, waste volumes and notify users by SMS when bin is full.
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240 / 360 Litre Bin Compactor

The PEL compactor reduces waste volume and waste disposal costs up to 66%, saving storage space and saving money.

A compaction ratio of 3:1 (depending on the material used)

Reduces weekly waste collections
Base resting plate ensures wheels are not damaged during compaction
Two hand operation ensures safer restaurant waste management
Wall mounted option available.

1100 / 660 Litre Bin Compactor

PEL bin compactors reduce waste volume from 3 bins into 1 bin. PEL bin compactors are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

Waste volume and waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 66%, saving space and saving money. Suitable for both 1100 litre and 660 litre bins.
Compact 3 bins into 1
Safe and Easy to use
Reduces weekly waste collection: Saving you money on your restaurant waste management costs
Creates a more spacious working environment
Reduces carbon footprint
Compactors available for all size bins

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Model SL 500 Bag
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Model SL 500 RFID
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