The menace of dog fouling in our towns and cities is increasingly becoming an epidemic of gigantic proportions. We here at Belloo aim to provide a solution to this problem through the installation of our dog fouling products, which may be erected in strategic positions to alleviate this problem.

Through the installation of the Belloo dog waste bag dispenser / bins solution in appropriate area’s we aim to motivate dog owners to rethink their habits while walking their pets and dogs. Recent environmental news publications explain how dog foul bags can be extracted from dog waste bag dispensers for free. Pavements and green spaces will become cleaner from month to month and the usual hostilities between the public will decrease rapidly.

An important component for changing attitudes is the use of bag dispensers by the dog owning public. This approach has been proven to work effectively in other towns – especially in Switzerland – that persistence, positive motivation, information and a coordinated approach of all persons involved will lead to a successful outcome.

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